A.K.A Why Everything Will Simpson does Makes no Sense!!


“Clients hire [her] to find dirt, which shouldn’t surprise them but it does….knowing that it’s real means [you have two choices]…do something about it or keep denying it”.After their daughter, Hope(Erin Moriarty) goes “missing” Barbara and Bob Schlottman seek the aid of Jessica Jones(Krysten Ritter) a P.I. “gifted” with inhuman strength, and flight who also happens to be an alcoholic suffering from PTSD. Little does Jones know, the Schlottman’s daughter has been taken by Kilgrave(David Tennant), a man with mind control abilities who was assumed to be dead, once controlled Jones and is the root cause of her trauma. Once this discovery is made Jones is set on fleeing all the way to China but is convinced by her best friend and foster-sister Trish Walker(Rachael Taylor) to help Hope. Jones finds Hope and reunites her with her parents, not realizing that she is still under Kilgrave’s hold. Hope tragically murders her parents and is imprisoned for a crime she is not responsible for, leaving Jessica with two choices; to keep denying it or to do something about it. “Marvel’s Jessica Jones”, leaves its viewers enamored by Krysten Ritter’s character, and with no complaints.The show is amazing in most aspects yet the story includes characters that are merely there to push the story along with no real logical motive in sight. Will Simpson’s(Wil Traval) very existence, in the one flaw this story.

Attorney Jeri Hogarth(Carrie-Anne Moss), who is unwilling to risk her reputation on(her client)Hope’s “absurd” use of mind control as a legal defense, discredits her during a radio interview on “TrishTalk”. Host Trish Walker is forced to defend Hope and support this crazy argument and in the process insults the narcissistic Kilgarve live on the air. The audience is introduced to Simpson when the enraged Kilgrave sends the police sergeant to kill Trish. Jones arrives just in time to trick him into believing that he has fulfilled Kilgrave’s order. When the brainwashed Simpson leads Jones to Kilgrave, she is forced to save him by tricking him once more into believing that he has fulfilled Kilgrave’s order to jump off a building.

Simpson is traumatized and convinced that he brutally murdered an innocent woman in cold blood. Guilt-ridden, he forcefully attempts to tear down Walker’s reinforced door in order to find her body, not realizing that she is alive. Walker and Simpson later make amends and she forgives him for his attempted murder and the two begin a romantic relationship. At this point, the viewer is shown that Simpson is motivated to do the right thing, believes himself to be a good person and that he is motivated to protect the innocent.

Later Simpson expresses a desire to put an end to Kilgrave’s murderous exploits and provides Jones with surveillance footage to help her find her mysterious “Kilgaved” stalker and secures the location of a hermetically sealed room to contain Kilgrave. All his actions are in line with his need to protect people, but when he suddenly attacked Malcolm(Eka Darville) for simply looking at him and Jones that action seemed out of character. The dialog was written to make it seem as though it was paranoia due to the trauma caused by being under Kilgrave’s control but this argument makes no sense. If this act of aggression and his future actions are to be justified by this trauma wouldn’t his PTSD manifest in a manner similar to Jessica’s? Also, what does the gaze of a heroin addict have to do with Kilgrave? Do all drug addicts trigger his PTSD?

Later when Jessica voluntarily leaves with Kilgarve, after the mind-controlling creep bought her childhood home, Simpson discover Jones after he and Trish use Kilgrave’s new security detail to locate him. In an attempt to save Jones who he believes is under Kilgrave’s control he makes an attempt to rescue Jones and kill Kilgrave by bombing the house, which would result in deaths other than Kilgarve’s. After all of the strategic and tactical planning skills, Simpson has applied in the past, this plan is a bit too destructive and impulsive to fit his character.Along with the fact that an explosion would result in numerous innocent casualties, which is at odds with the protective and compassionate character traits the writers gave Simpson during the character’s post Kilgrave introduction.

Jones subdues Kilgrave and as she exits the property is confronted by Simpson who plans to kill the psycho even though Jones needs him alive as evidence to prove the innocence of Hope Schlottman, the living embodiment of her guilt. Jessica flies away before Jessica’s old neighbor delivers a bomb from Kilgarve to Simpson which results in him being critically injured and in his friends being among the casualties. Walker races Simpson to the hospital, where he insists on seeing a Dr. Kozlov from his days as an Army sergeant. Kozlov gives him some pills, and his injuries heal miraculously, yet a side effect of the drugs and the misuse of them is mental instability.

Later Simpson murders a police detective and destroys the evidence on Kilgrave, then searches for Jessica with the intention of finding and killing Kilgarve. Jones in her sleep deprived state is injured in an accident and discovers the police detective’s burned corpse at the morgue. When later confronted by Simpson she deduces that it was Simpson, not Kilgrave who killed the detective. During their exchange Simpson expressed disbelief that Jessica would do what it takes to stop Kilgrave, stating that she has had enough opportunities to do so.During a wall crashing super-powered fight in Jessica’s apartment, he overpowers the injured Jones. Walkers arrive just in time to use Simpson’s pills to help Jones defeat him(good riddance).

Simpson was a major player in Jessica’s first attempt at subduing Kilgrave and knew where he was before Jessica arrived at her childhood home with him, so he has been in close range to a vulnerable Kilgrave numerous times, and has the opportunity to kill him as often a Jessica has and his mental instability under the use of the “pills” isn’t a good enough motive. Perhaps the fact he knew that until that point he couldn’t match Jessica’s strength to challenge her, but even then he previously attempted to save her from Kilgrave. And Simpson’s willingness to needlessly kill innocents to get to Kilgrave is not in line with the character that was established as compassionate, and someone who wanted so badly to protect the innocent. The development of his character over the course of the season wasn’t convincingly displayed, and his character seems more like a plot tool used to force the epic showdown between Jones and Kilgrave into the direction that the writers wanted. In the end, Will Simpson was there to get the job done, nothing more.

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