Exactly How Gay Are You?

During the past few decades attitudes regarding same-sex relations have shifted toward acceptance. Along with the growing acceptance of homosexuality, there has also been an increase in willingness to lean toward heteroflexibility. Psychologists Jean Twenge, Ryne Sherman, and Brooke Wells used the General Social Survey (GSS), to measure shifts in American attitudes and found that the number of Americans who self-reported having had at least one same-sex encounter since age 18 jumped significantly in the past decade. For men, it nearly doubled, going from 4.5 percent to 8.2 percent.


These men explain that they are primarily attracted to women and have no desire for men outside of sex. Their attraction to women is a mixture of romantic, emotional, and sexual attraction. Moreover, their attraction to the male body isn’t the same as it is for the female body seeing as though the only part of the male body that seems to be of any interest to them is the penis. Many go as far as to claim that sex with another man while in a relationship is not cheating because men aren’t a threat to their relationship, unlike women.This along with the claim that their attraction to females is greatly stronger than their attraction to men cements their sense of heterosexuality. So maybe same-sex attraction doesn’t eliminate individuals from the heterosexual category.


We know this to be especially true for women. Numerous studies have shown that female sexuality is more fluid than it is among their male counterparts. However, men may not be as sexually rigid as we originally thought.When Lisa Diamond a professor of developmental psychology at the University of Utah, analyzed data sets, she found that more men than expected identified as, mostly straight meaning that they experience some level of same-sex attraction. But desire isn’t a direct predictor of behavior, and although more men are experimenting then expected it seems as though mostly straight women are freely acting on these desires.

Not only are women free to act on these desires but our culture, in fact, encourages it. Seeing two girls in the act is a sight many men find desirable, therefore we are taught that because we desire this behavior from women we have grown to accept their heteroflexibility. Men, on the other hand, are subject to much more scrutiny. The male potential for sexual fluidity is often seen as extremely threatening to one’s identity and not only for straight men. Within the LGBT community, male bisexuality is less recognized than is female bisexuality. Men who identify as bisexual are often viewed as less desirable partners by both women and gay men. Some even claim that bisexuals are in fact twice as likely to be unfaithful because they have “twice as many options available to the”. What’s worse is that bisexual in men is seen as nothing more than a stepping stone into the gay lifestyle by many.  


American sexologist Dr. Alfred Kinsey creator of the Kinsey scale once said, “The living world is a continuum in each and every one of its aspects.” Indicating a belief that sexuality cannot be rigidly defined and is somewhat fluid for both men and women. Perhaps we will continue to see a growing trend of mostly straight men who are willing to act on the desire to explore and experiment. More and more heteroflexible men are presenting themselves. In fact, even Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson identified as “mostly straight” in an interview. Perhaps we will continue to see a growing trend of mostly straight men who are willing to act on the desire to explore and experiment. After all, there’s a rainbow’s worth of flavors out there, so why not try and lick a few new ones. And remember to tell me what’s your favorite one.